At Enroll Films, our mission isn't just to tell stories; it's to craft narratives that resonate deeply. We believe in the power of film to inspire students to enroll, encourage alumni to engage, and amplify the transformative impact of your institution.

We've dedicated ourselves to understanding the intricacies of higher education and the unique challenges you face. Our commitment goes beyond crafting compelling films; it extends to acting as ambassadors for your success, integrating seamlessly with your brand to deliver tailored video solutions that make a lasting impression.

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We believe in genuine, heartfelt storytelling. 

We are your strategic advantage in storytelling.
In a digital age brimming with content, we ensure your message stands tall. It's not just about crafting videos, but about creating experiences that etch into the hearts and minds of your audience.

More than just a video production company, we envision ourselves as your storytelling partners. We promise to integrate deeply as an extension of your brand, absorbing your institution's values, goals, and aspirations. This isn't merely a project for us; it's a partnership. We celebrate your successes and milestones as if they were our own, ensuring every story is true to its core.

Steering away from cookie-cutter testimonials and surface-level highlight reels, we focus on real, authentic moments and experiences that uniquely define your institution.

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Behind the Scenes: Our Approach

Initiate: Listen & Understand

Before we even hit the 'record' button, our journey with you begins with deep listening. We dive into understanding the unique narrative fabric of your institution, your aspirations, and the stories waiting to be told.

Craft: Strategy & Storytelling

With a clear understanding in hand, we delve into crafting a storytelling strategy that transcends the norm. Beyond generic testimonials and highlight reels, we're passionate about capturing the authentic, transformational stories that resonate with your audience.

Produce: Creation & Refinement

This is where the magic happens. With a strategic roadmap guiding us, we move into the art of content creation. From meticulously planned shoots to post-production refinement, every piece is curated to embody the essence and heart of your institution.

Enroll: Engage & Amplify

But it doesn't end at production. Our goal is for your stories to inspire action. Watch as our tailor-made videos not only drive engagement but serve as powerful catalysts in increasing your institution's enrollment.

Our Journey

Founded by Ryan Koral, a passionate storyteller and a firm believer in the power of documentary filmmaking, Enroll Films began with a vision to revolutionize how educational stories are told. Today, we stand as a testament to the belief that authentic stories can shape perceptions, influence decisions, and create lasting impacts.

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Whether you're looking to enroll students, engage alumni, or simply share the beautiful narratives that make your institution special, we're here to help. Dive into the world of storytelling with Enroll Films and let your stories leave an indelible mark.

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